Thursday, June 7, 2012


Candylicious@One Utama
Quite a distance from Tasik Selatan.Spent one hour plus to get there.

Am playing with the little trolley :DD

bought the lollipop-ies and Lego candies

Cookie and nutty nuts gelato :)

Jogoya!Dinner session starts at 5p.m. .I'm starved.
Japanese cuisine.
The oyster family.I didn't eat any of 'em.
Soup!Darn like the tomyum soup.There are three types of soup if I'm not mistaken.
The fried stuffs.
Creamy baked mushroom :] Its drooling.,seriously.
This is sorta..steamboat thingy.I did not try this becuase of the fish head.Choose one and the chef will fill the soup for ya.
BBQ section.
Chinese cuisine section.
Teppanyaki :D
Western dishes.Place your clip inside the transparent bowl and the food will be on your table soon :)

The mouth-watering dessert corner.

Macaroons and mochi.They're for sale only. Packed separately and the price is listed.
I was damn stuffed when I smell the thick butter.
Chocolatey marshmallow :D
Ai-yu-bing jelly.Damn cute.
The teriyaki chicken :) kinda tender.
Haagen Dazs ice-cream.I freakin' love the strawberry cheesecake.
Bill.For two .
Different session, different price.

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