Sunday, December 4, 2011

26/11/2011 Day2. Hatyai,Thailand.

We went back to hotel after buying lotsa stuffs at the night market.
But we were not tired yet.So we went to McDonald's.Its 12.08a.m. :D
And its only a 10~15mins walking distance from our hotel.

Corn and pineapple pie!

Mc Cafe!

Me >:D

And the bill

After we bought some Samurai burgers,we stop by a stall at the roadside.
My sister can't resist the Bbq seafood.

The burger

The meat is very soft,tender.Unexpected :)

25/11/2011 Day1. Hatyai,Thailand.

Went there by bus.
Its a long journey,used up to 8 hours if I'm not mistaken.
Its already morning by the time we reach.

Saw this right after we passed the custom.

Our first destiny.A temple.Sorry that I couldn't remember what's the name of this temple D:

Visit hour,I guess?

Our first meal in Hatyai !

We went to the Hatyai Icedome after our lunch.
Cute windmill and pink volkswagen :D

300 Baht per entry for adult and 200 Baht for child.

Ma lil' cousin.Looks cute with the earmuffs :)

Me gettin' ready.Kinda satisfy with the parka because its very clean with no weird smell on it.But too bad because they did not provide socks and boots.And the gloves are way too thin.

Going in..

Group photo

Solo :p

*Lickin' the lollipop!*My brother,me and my sister.

Sister and I :)

My brother did not capture the dragon's head._.

Us,siblings :D

Then we went to another temple which is nearby the icedome.

Cousin and I.With the rooster >:D

Back to hotel.We wander at the street after shower.And bought these.One is crunchy and another is soft.

The 7eleven outlet is superb!

Cute cups.

The yoghurt and milk products.Very cheap and big bottled.

The sausages.Chicken and pork only.

The ready sandwiches!

The instant snacks we had.

There were many stalls outside.Selling almost the same thing,fruits especially.

Bought some jelly before we head back.

We went to the tourists spot after dinner.
The steel tower.

Barefoot only.My feet are so sandy because we need to take off our shoes from a distance before the steel tower.But its not very far afterall :)

The golden steps

Me and mum in the MPV.

Then we rush to the night market.
Us in the so called "toot-toot car".20 Baht,each person per ride.Children get free ride :D

The night market!

5 Baht per sushi.Cheap right? :)