Friday, December 4, 2015


I noticed that many around me are not aware of etiquette, and the number grows fast.
Burping in front of people, sneeze and cough without covering their mouth, play music loud through phone without using a earphone in public places, etc.
Well etiquette is closely related to courtesy for me. 
I was really mad this afternoon that my private phone number was given to another person, and the person called, talked in an unfriendly tone, without realizing that it is not the appropriate way to get to me. 
What's more, the person is a working adult who has a professional career! That is rather disappointing. Some people are just too proud of themselves. I do not know why.
So I was thinking maybe it's someone who's close to me who gave that person my number.
Personally I think these people need to be educated so that they would know the courtesy that they should not give out personal contact information of others without their specific permission to do so.