Monday, May 18, 2015


I've been searching for reviews about the products of Stylenanda which is a Korean apparel brand.
Found mostly 'bout their cosmetics but I'm more interested in their shoes.
Received my parcel four days after it was sent (from Korea to Malaysia).
Had high expectation and it did not failed to surprise me!
Everything was packed nicely.

This is the first time I receive my bag (42 USD) purchased online with no wrinkle at all.
Saw some buyers received free goodies such as nail polisher etc. 
What I've got:- Oil remover towel and some rubber bands. 

Was quite worried of the shoes size.
I usually wear 34 or 35 (34 for heels) and I bought the nanda made shoes in size 225.
Fits me well!
I chose "nanda made" shoes because of the design and it somehow gives me a feeling of assurance. 
Heeled sandals: 93 USD.

The size stickers can be removed easily. Leave no sticky mark.

Wanted to get this in white but opted for black due to its low maintenance. 
Black shoes: 88USD.

I discovered this brand few years ago but I just couldn't convince myself to spend on their products as they are quite pricey til I decided to fork out some money and splurge on them recently. 
No regrets!
I was being thrifty and bought a few pairs of cheap substitute shoes which I thought would be similar to Stylenanda's. Truly wrong mindset! I could have saved up some money and buy another pair of good shoe rather than those shoes which I only wore once and never.