Tuesday, May 27, 2014

SEACRET salt scrub

These are what I've bought.
For SEACRET nail care collection, check-SEACRET nail care collection
Spent SGD 215 on these.

SGD 150 for this set.
Two Seacret salt scrub and one Mud therapy hand cream.

The SEACRET salt scrub.
It has pomegranate scent, and contains a unique combination of Dead Sea minerals, plant extracts
and aromatic oils that exfoliates, soften and nourish your skin,
helping to regain and retain a healthy, radiant glow.

This product satisfies me the most. I tried it on the spot before purchasing.
Massaged my hands with a handful of sea scrub.
Feel that I have baby soft skin instantly, right when I wash away the salt scrub.
So effective.
You should try it. Really!

P.S.: The salt scrub can be used on any part of the body except face.

SEACRET mud therapy hand cream is enriched with effective nourishing ingredients,
mud and minerals from the Dead Sea.
Hydrating Shea Butter and Jojoba seed oil combined with Vitamin E, Chamomile
and Aloe-Vera extracts deeply nourish your hands, leaving the skin soft and supple.

Recommended after using the salt scrub on hands.

The Ocean Mist body lotion is recommended after using the salt scrub on body.

Look for him if you are going to SEACRET, 313@Somerset.
He is very informative, has nice attitude, great persuasive skill and he offers amazing service!

SEACRET nail care collection

The nail care collection comes in a bag.
I bought it at SGD 65.

The buffing block for nails. For more info- SEACRET buffing block

Nail file.

Cuticle oil- Moisturize dry and peeling cuticles
Apply a drop of the oil on the cuticles and the skin around the nail.
Massage in until fully absorbed. Use once a week.

Body lotion- For a great feeling skin, all day
Apply a small amount on dry, clean skin.
Use daily, all over the body (avoiding the face).

You can also use this after rinsing off the salt scrub on body- SEACRET salt scrub

Seacret Buffing block

SEACRET buffing block- For naturally beautiful looking nails.
Great for polishing nails.
I was told that I can get life time warranty on buffer replacement.
Just bring it to the retail location where it was purchased.(I bought it from 313@Somerset)

Step 1: Use the coarse Blue side to smooth natural nail surface. Use this side gently once a month.
Step 2: Use the soft Grey side for a flawless polish. Use this side twice a month.
Step 3: Use the silky White side for a perfect shine. Use this side gently twice a month.

P.S.: Do not apply pressure as the material is very gentle.

Just amazing. Results better than other brands' which I've tried before.

Few pictures to go.

Cleaning instructions: Wipe gently with a cotton pad and alcohol once a month ( blue and grey side only ).
For perfect Manicure/ Pedicure follow the Buffer treatment with the Cuticle oil,
Nail file and Body lotion. @SEACRET nail care collection