Sunday, September 29, 2013

富山茶楼 Foh San Restaurant

A very popular, everybody-knows-restaurant in Ipoh.
Dropped by Ipoh just for it.

A sneak-peek 


The cut-into-four egg tarts. 

溏心豆干蛋 . The first dish I ordered from the menu.
The eggs and tofu are soft and juicy. 

竹炭莲蓉包. Charcoal bun.

Some of the dimsums. Large portion.
You might love it if you are a meat lover.

The ingredients are great. 

 菠萝包. Polo Bun.

Meat, pineapples, potatoes and some vegetables inside.

糯米鸡. Glutinous rice with chicken.
I don't really like this because of the minced shrimp inside.
And I hate shrimps.

双皮奶. Something like ChawanMushi.
I prefer the one I had in Macau which is totally made of milk.

The dim sums are great after all.
And the prices are reasonable for the quantity and quality.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Penang Gurney Plaza

Stayed at Gurney Drive.
And took six minutes to walk here(Gurney Plaza)
Simply loiter and went lower ground at last.
Found good food!

 K-pop chicken.
Fried chicken nuggets with kimchi sauce.

The must-try !
I'm not fancy of seafood but this really drives me crazy.

Japanese seaweed flavor 

So great! Juicy and taste good with the sauce and seaweed.

Large deep fried squid stuffed with seafood fried rice.
Advisable to share.

Ordered the Italian basil green sauce squid.

Check it out!

 It was ten and decided to leave the mall.
Heading the hawker center.

The Gurney drive hawker center.
It only opens at night ( after six ). And its very crowded.
Divided into two parts.
The front was Malay hawkers and the back was Chinese hawkers.

Prawn noodle.

Fried kuey teow. 
Small portion.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gurney Paragon Mall

Walk around
And enjoy the landscapes since it is a new shopping mall.

Nothing much in the mall as it is still new.
And we walked in Akedo, the arcade center.



Yoohoo photobooth~

Own photoshoot :p


Hokkaido IceCream.
Bought double scoop waffle cup.
Japanese potato and wine flavored. Similar colors.