Sunday, July 17, 2011


'Rakkimon Your Lucky Sea Buddies by JeeZ.'
Darn excited :D
"Rakkimon are lucky sea buddies that bring good luck and fortune!"

OK.How to grow your Rakkimon?

1.Wash your tank with water several times to get rid of bacteria.

2.Fill in the tank with water and pour the Water Conditioning Powder into the tank.Wait for 12 hours.

3.After 12 hours,open the Live Eggs capsule and gently put them into the tank.Stir gently until they dissolve.

4.Wait for a few hours and your Rakkimon will be born.

5.Your Rakkimon will not need to be fed for the first 3 days as they are born with food supplies in the body cells.

6.Feed your Rakkimon on the 4th day with the food provided.Feed them once every 5 days with a little food only.(If the water is cloudy,you're feeding too much).

7.Happy Rakkimon will start to mate in about 3 to 3.5 weeks.In time,your healthy tank will have many generations of Rakkimon swimming around.

8.Sad days may occur.If any Rakkimon die,don't throw the water away.Put it aside,uncovered,so that all the water evaporates.You will see salt crystals,tiny brown dots(eggs) and maybe some dried algae on the sides and bottom of the tank.Add fresh bottled water to your completely dried and crystallized tank,filling to the top edge of the highest magnifier.Put the tank back into the light.In a few days,you should have a new batch of Rakkimon swimming in the water.Happy days are here again !