Thursday, December 4, 2014

TopTown shop

Just an honest review on this online shoe shop.
Was kind of curious if it is a Japanese brand.
Often checked on this website and bought three pairs of shoes at last.

The first pair. Sweet looking loafers.
Got it in coffee color as shown in picture.( Picture source: )
Basically, it is like shoes made of cardboard and
I felt that it is shoes for mannequin- impractical.
But whatever.
I wore it to work the next day and resulted in sore feet for two days.

The next pair.
Could not really walk in them.
Just kept falling off my feet, so frustrating.

The result of wearing this shoe. Ignore the mark left by the plaster.

And here is the third pair.
I am too afraid to put it on and it has been left in the shoe box for more than a month.

This shop was not that bad anyway.
They were efficient and the parcel was packed nicely.
However, it will not be in my list anymore.
Wore the shoes once and never again.