Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Seacret Buffing block

SEACRET buffing block- For naturally beautiful looking nails.
Great for polishing nails.
I was told that I can get life time warranty on buffer replacement.
Just bring it to the retail location where it was purchased.(I bought it from 313@Somerset)

Step 1: Use the coarse Blue side to smooth natural nail surface. Use this side gently once a month.
Step 2: Use the soft Grey side for a flawless polish. Use this side twice a month.
Step 3: Use the silky White side for a perfect shine. Use this side gently twice a month.

P.S.: Do not apply pressure as the material is very gentle.

Just amazing. Results better than other brands' which I've tried before.

Few pictures to go.

Cleaning instructions: Wipe gently with a cotton pad and alcohol once a month ( blue and grey side only ).
For perfect Manicure/ Pedicure follow the Buffer treatment with the Cuticle oil,
Nail file and Body lotion. @SEACRET nail care collection

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