Friday, September 20, 2013

Penang Gurney Plaza

Stayed at Gurney Drive.
And took six minutes to walk here(Gurney Plaza)
Simply loiter and went lower ground at last.
Found good food!

 K-pop chicken.
Fried chicken nuggets with kimchi sauce.

The must-try !
I'm not fancy of seafood but this really drives me crazy.

Japanese seaweed flavor 

So great! Juicy and taste good with the sauce and seaweed.

Large deep fried squid stuffed with seafood fried rice.
Advisable to share.

Ordered the Italian basil green sauce squid.

Check it out!

 It was ten and decided to leave the mall.
Heading the hawker center.

The Gurney drive hawker center.
It only opens at night ( after six ). And its very crowded.
Divided into two parts.
The front was Malay hawkers and the back was Chinese hawkers.

Prawn noodle.

Fried kuey teow. 
Small portion.

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